1970, Billiken Competition of Children Painting, Argentine, 3rd. Prize.

1977, Autumn Salon of San Fernando, Argentine, Honor Mention.

2009, "Our Memories, 60" Yad Lebanim Exhibition & National Competition, Israel. Jury Prize in Painting Category for the work "Saturday night", oil on canvas.   

"Art in Community" - Projects


1989, Kibbutz Gevulot, Israel, mural painting and 2 concrete statues with Adopted youth group children's group.

1992, Revivim High School " (Ramat Gan, Israel) – Mural paintings with student's team

1992, "Beit Hanoar" boarding house (Tel Aviv ): murals and  concrete sculptures, with the boarding school children (for     Children at Risk)

1994, "Givat Hod" Boarding School, (for children at risk) Hod -Hasharon, Israel- Drawing workshops.

           "Dror" Private Kindergarten, (Hod- Hasharon, Israel): Mural paintings and concrete sculptures with children (ages 4-5).


2001, "Rishonim" Basic School (Hod –Hasharon, Israel): a mural painting & 4 concrete sculptures with 2 third year grade's children.

2002, "Bnei Brit" (Jerusalem) (Children at risk Boarding school): concrete sculpture. Farewell project of the "Dolphin Group".

2010-2011, Drawing & Painting teacher at AMCHA (the Israeli Center for Holocaust Survivors and their Families ) branch Tel Aviv.

2012, "Mich'a Center (Jerusalem,Israel)  Rehabilitative & Educational Center for children with hearing impairment (from birth to school age):          mural with the children, parents and staff, common project for both Arab and Jewish Kindergartens of the Jerusalem  Center of the Institution.


2012-2013, Basic School "Ofek" (Modi'in, Israel): concrete sculpture,a Farewell project for the school from all the finalizing promotion's children.

2012- 2014,  I organized Free Drawing and Painting courses and workshops for people who are dealing with Cancer               (themselves or any member of the family).

2013,  Haim N. Bialik School (Rosario, Argentine): mural with children from Kindergarten,  6th. Grade , and High School     students.  

 Haim N. Bialik  School ( Santa Fe, Argentine): art workshops for primary & secundary school's children.

Martin Buber School ( Parana, Argentine): ARt workshop and art conference for students and their parents.      

Haim N.. Bialik School, (La Plata, Argentine): a mural at the school yard in collaboration with students and their grandparents ("Friendship Club").  Project in partnership with  C.U.J.A. Art Conference for adults at the school.


2014, "Tzofit" Kindergaten, (Moshav Shilat, Israel): outdoor table and benches of painted concrete, in collaboration with parents and preschool children.

2014,  Lecturer of History of Art for "Argaman" (Modiin's  Senior Citizen Organization), at the meetings "Museums from the sofa" .

2015, Painting 8 scenographies for the kindergardens & the school of "Yozma Community" together with parents, pupils & children from "Beit Eden  Institution" (a residence for mentally disable young people) from Ramla city.

2015, "Modi'in Center ", the first Shopping Center of Modi'in city (Israel), Mural painting with pupils & children of the city. Mural lenght: 15 meter on outdoor wall.




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