Argentine , At the begginings:

1976, "San Telmo Fair"-  antiquarian & artists,  Buenos Aires.

            "Museo de la Ciudad"- Manzana de las Luces, Buenos Aires.

1977, Autumn Salon of San Fernando. 

          The 5th Alba Salon of Plain Air Painting.

Europe, Israel & South America:

In 1988 integrates the Kibbutz Artzi Painters & Sculptures Organization.
Actually member of the Professional Visual Artists Association, Israel & the International Association of   Art -Unesco, Paris.

Collective shows:

1986, "Artists from the Negev", Eshkol Regional Council Theatre,Israel

1988, Betzalel Art Department Graduate's Show, Jerusalem, Israel

2006, "Columns" The Municipal Gallery of Tamra, Tamra, Israel-Curator: Ahmad Canaan .November2006

2007,  "Israeli Art" The Jewish Center, New York, USA- February 2007

2007   "Touching an Orange" Exhibition & Festival ,Rehovot,Israel- July 2007. Curator: Mirta Edry

2007   "Yearning for Peace", outdoor exhibition , Kfar Vradim, Galilee, Israel-
  from August to October 2007 Curator: Adi Greenfeld, Tal Gallery, Kfar Vradim.

2007,"Color Latino", International Congresses Centre, Haifa, December 2007.Curator: Itzhak Haimovich

2008   "Roots, here and there", Beit Hagevulot Museum, Metula, January 2008

2008    "The 60's Bells in Rishon LeTzion", Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Rishon Le Tzion, Israel-

                April 2008 

2008    "Our memories, 60" , Yad Lebanim Exhibition & National Competition,     Hertzlia , Israel;

           Jury Prize for Painting Category. June 2008,  Curator: Rina Moskowitz

2008     "2nd. Croatian Illustration Biennale", Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.
                        June , July. 2008- Curator: Koraljka  Jurcec Kos

2008   "EXPO2008- Olim Artists Exhibition", Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel. September-October 2008

2008    "Together", Beit Hagevulot Museum, Metula, Israel, December 2008


2009,   "30 years of Tova Osman Gallery", The Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel- Curator: Tova Osman.  March 2009

             "The Forbidden Books" ,The Artist House, Hedera , Israel,  June 2009                                                                                                      Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel, September 2009 - Curator: Ruti Valer-Lubin.

               "Our memories, 60" Yad Lebanim Itinerary Exhibition (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Netania, Beer                                                   Sheva, Kfar Saba, Tiberias, Modi'in, Rishon Le Tzion) - Curator: Rina Moskowitz

                "Childhood  Stories", The WhiteBOX Gallery, Munich– Germany November 2009

                "Links", The Beit Hagefen Gallery, Haifa,Israel - "The Feast of the Feasts Festival: 

                          Ad el-Adja-Christmas –Hanukah" December 2009, Curator :Abed Abadi & Orna Ben Shitrit

2010, "Reflexions on Local Landscape", Bemisgueret Gallery, Shilat. Israel -December 2010. Curator: Shilo Granevich

2011,”L’Arte in valigia”- "Art in the suitcase-", Palazzo Giacomelli, Udine. Italy
               Curator: Vania Gransinigh – curator of the Galleria di Arte Moderna di Udine (Gallery of Modern Art) October 2011

2011,”Drawing Connections”- Group Exhibition , Siena Art Institute, Siena. Italy -   October 2011


2012, "City Lights", Beit Wizo, Modi'in, Israel - April 2012 Curator: Niza Peri


2013, "Genesis" ( Bereshit),The Artist's House, Modiin, Israel- Curator: Gabi Yair


2015, "Israeli Art", Bank Hapoalim exhibition & Auction, Tel Aviv, Israel, -February 2015 


           "Meeting", Beck Science Center, Jerusalem ( for supporting EYAL- Israel Epilepsy Association),                 March 2015


2016, "Survival" ( for the International Woman's Day),The Artist's House, Modiin, Israel- Curator: Hagit Argaman- March 2016


            "Painting Hands"  The Central Library, Modiin, Israel- Curator:Libi Bergstein- September-October 2016


2018, "In the way to Ithaca" ,The Artist's House, Modiin, Israel- Curator: Gabi Yair- July-August 2018


2019, "*Different Spaces*", The Artist's House, Modiin, Israel - Curator:

Tal Gelper, March-June 2019

Individual Exhibitions:

1989, "Ricardo Lapin, Paintings", the Kibbutz Artzi Gallery, Tel Aviv-Israel

1995, "Serigraphs", Arts & Crafts Center, Ra'anana- Israel

2006, "Open Studio", Modi'in -Israel,  December 2006

2007, "Memory's folds", Eshkol Pais Gallery, Rehovot-Israel,  Curator: Mirta Edry

2007-8, "Layers", TAL Stoobik Gallery, Ramat Gan .Israel- Curator: Taly Levy

2008,  "Open Studio", Modi'in, Israel -December 2008

2009, "He had a gun…" Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv. Israel - Curator: Tova Osman

2010,"Open Studio", Modi'in, March2010

2010, "Ricardo Lapin, Paintings", Yad Lebanim Gallery, Modi'in -Israel - Curator: Gabi Yair

2011,"Open Studio", Modi'in, Israel- May2011


2012, "Landscape & People-from Cana'an to Israel", YOZMA Comunity Center, Modi'in. Israel - February2012


2012, "Landscapes from San Ginesio",  Palazzo del Comune, San Ginesio, Le Marque, Italy -

            August2012, -Curator:   Laerte Capponi

2012,"Open Studio", Modi'in, Israel -May2012


2013"About angels, guardians, and guardian angels" –The New Gallery of Bat-Yam's Art Institute ,

            Bat-Yam, Israel


           "Enologic Series"- Ruth Winery, Kfar Ruth, Israel- May2013


       "Emigration and Creation" - Visual Arts Museum, Santa Fe, Argentina -July2013


           "Israel's Landscapes", itinerary show (July-August2013)  at:

                 The Jewish Museum, Santa Fe, Argentina,              

                 The Great Synagogue, Rosario, Argentina

                 Martin Buber School, Parana, Argentina

                 Haim N.. Bialik School, La Plata, Argentina


           "Art Night "- Hillel House, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Individual show & conference about " A brief                                     History of Israeli Art", August2013


           "Emigration and Creation", Mono-Espacio Gallery, Buenos Aires, August2013


2014,   "Open Studio, Modi'in, Israel, -Sepember2014


2015,   "Ricardo Lapin- Open Studio, Modi'in, Israel, -March 2015


2016,   "Painting as Open Book", Gallery 58, Holon, Israel -September-October 2016


2018 "Sour-Sweet Memories", Private Exhibition at 16 Gordon St., Tel-Aviv, Israel -July 2018

2020,   "Entre Populismo y Postrauma" (Between Populism & Post-trauma), On-line Exhibition, ARTEINFORMADO, Espacio iberoamericano del arte -Junio-Julio 2020




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