About me

Ricardo Lapin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentine, in 1961.

At the age of 10 he began studying oil painting at the studio of the painter Eugenio Mariani. At age 13 he joined the "Constructivist Workshop Rio de la Plata", in Buenos Aires, where he learned to paint according to the school of the Uruguayan master Joaquin Torres Garcia.
The intensive discipline of studies included oil painting, mural painting, painting according to the Golden Section, plain-air painting, still life and portrait painting. It included also theory of Art, introduction to universal literature, poetry and philosophy. In 1976 Ricardo was accepted to the "Museum of the Buenos Aires City Fair", participating in the weekly exhibitions at the "Plaza de Mayo" and "San Pedro Telmo" Fairs.
In 1978, during the second year of the Military Junta government in Argentina, Ricardo emigrated and arrives alone to Israel, where he finished his studies at a Boarding School (1979). At the beginning of his military service (1980-1983) he moved to a kibbutz in the Negev Desert and remained a kibbutz member for a decade.
During the years 1984-1988 he studied at the Arts Faculty of The Betzalel Academy in Jerusalem (Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.F.A).
During the years 1990-1999 he lived successively in Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Geva -Binyamin and Jerusalem. Since 1999 he resides in Modi'in, Israel.
Besides pictorial activity Ricardo worked at different times in diverse materials and media, doing high temperature ceramic pieces, writing poetry and stories and creating choreography for theatre and dance shows.  From Ricardo's experience illustrating children's books led to the serigraphy's series "Art for little people". Ricardo activities are related to Art and Creation in 4 main ways: Education, Community Art, Writting & Painting.

Ricardo is teaching from 1990, basicaly painting, drawing, serigraphy print, sculpture and History of Art.

He is involved with environmental projects of concrete sculpture as well as mural painting with children's groups, pupils & parents, and with disadvantaged/vulnerable groups of the community & society. 

Ricardo currently works in painting experimentating with old techniques & new materials, into 2D and 3D works.

Active Artist, Mentor and Educator, Ricardo Lapin is a veteran artist with membership at :


-AIAP, Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques ( NGO in official relations with UNESCO)


האיגוד המקצועי של האמנים הפלסטיים בישראל

-ISCAE, International Society for Comparative Adult Education





NTT - מערכת ניהול תוכן כל הזכויות שמורות Betagroup - עיצוב אתרים